Migration de Courriels

La herramienta de migración interna (in-house) de email de Thexyz hi sidodesplazada en favor de MigrationWiz por BitTitan. En MigrationWiz se especializan en la migración de correo electrónico y ofrecen una migración más rápida y fiable. Esto asegura que todos sus datos de correo electrónico anteriores se migrarán al cambiar su correo electrónico a Thexyz.

Email Migration
  • Migrate all email and sub-folders
  • Migrate all calendars, contacts and tasks. *Exchange only
  • Migrate from Google Apps, Office 365, Gmail, IMAP, SMTP etc.
  • No installation or backup files needed on your end
  • Fully managed by migration professionals
  • Monitor the progress of your email migration

Migre su cuenta de correo electrónico

Sólo $ 9.95 por cuenta

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By ordering an email migration, we take of the technical side to moving your email to our system, all you need to know is your current, email address, current email password, imap server name and port. You will also enter your current email address and password. It can then take un to 24 hours to migrate around 10 GB’s of data. It will happen seamlessly in the background. You can also now order a Selfmigration which means you can migrate to and from a variety of different email services.